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“Senz’Armi Warriors” is an international course, conceived by the Istituto Elos, which brings together in Brazil 60 young people from all over the world who are looking for a transformation and want to be part of it. Through the application of the Oasis Game, a methodology that is articulated in seven steps (appreciative observation, create relationship, collect dreams, design, action, celebration, re-evolution), you can interact with the community, Transform people and relationships in any social context, accompanying people to dream together and design in a participatory way abandoned or under-used common spaces. The Oasis methodology was born in the favelas and found application in the most different contexts of community: Milanese in July 2017 participated in the program “Warriors Senz’Armi”. After a month of full immersion, Appassionatasi to the methodology of the 7 steps, decided to prolong his stay in Brazil in order to help to facilitate other Oasis in favela and university. Back in Italy, she was co-facilitator in the first Oasis in the world made in a seminar, but her dream would be to spread it as a lifestyle. It presents the program of the Senz’Armi warriors and the selection process to participate in the training course in Brazil next year.   The meeting is free. It will be held Thursday, November 30 from 17:00 hours at the headquarters of XENA in via I quote from Perugia 35-Padova Report your participation by writing to subject: “Warriors without Arms”

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