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We are working (from home) for you ? !!!

It is a particularly delicate time but let’s think about the good things:

– less traffic, less pollution and more fresh air ?

– time to planning excursions to do in summer;

– time to do those little house chores that are always put off;

– time to put on a suit and work comfortably from the sofa at home (better not to do it after lunch ) ?

– time to rediscover the little things: an old book, a plate of pasta just cooked and not heated in the microwave, sitting at home and chatting with your family without being afraid of arriving late to appointments ?

– how nice is it to see a place or a person after a long time? Think about how nice it will be next month when you can see people you love and have a nice aperitif together ?

All this is to tell you that we will not always be available in the office and if you need to contact us, HERE you can find our emails ? !!

We are organizing a nice return !! just an anticipation is that XENA is 25 years old this year and we have a lot of surprises for you !!!!

And remember #iorestoacasa

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