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Xena is proud to announce the launch of the Welcome Festival, a three-day event dedicated to supporting the integration of refugees through creativity. The aim of the project is to put refugees at the centre of events and to raise awareness of civil society on the issues of refugee integration. Welcome Festival will take place from 23rd to 25th March and was conceived by Adeline, who is with us as EVS volunteer since October supporting in the development of our Erasmus + Strategic Welcome program. This programme plans to host a 50 volunteer in Padua in three years, thanks to the European voluntary service. These are the host associations that act to give a more humane face to the reception of Refugees: Mimosa, the sextant, Equality, group R, Khorakhanè, Horizons and Alma Terra. The festival aims to strengthen and promote the development of links between institutions and volunteers involved in strategic EVs through numerous convivial and (re) creative events involving refugees, workers in the refugee centre, and cultural Associations of Place. Join us! In the coming days we will reveal the program on our Facebook page. Bisous, Adeline

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