Mary Carmen Zambrano Araque

    Mary Zambrano, graphic designer, interested in social media, communication and interculturality. She works for Xena in the international mobility team, in European Erasmus + VET and TLN mobility projects. She completed her academic training in Venezuela; she studied in a school named “Fe y Alegria” whose mission is “to love and serve in everything at all times” a sentence still accompanying her. In 2012 she had the opportunity to participate in the European E.V.S. program (current E.S.C.). The 6-month project took place in Padua, at Xena association. After the experience as a volunteer, she returned to Venezuela and attended the University of Economics. She believes that traveling, serving and learning about other cultures are of paramount importance for personal and professional growth, as it gives you the opportunity to open your mind, use all your senses and step out of your comfort zone. She likes to photograph moments, to play often with her dog and occasionally to reach some peaks.

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