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Xena exchange center and intercultural dynamics and Effecinque Formazione, are pleased to invite you to:


*A suitcase of tools to create, communicate, organize, make decisions and deal with conflicts *

A ten event journey. Theoretical but especially experiential meetings, with the aim of providing useful tools for work, relationships and in everyday life. Ten workshops to take home a suitcase full of practical, different, easily transportable and light, but with a strong impact, tools.


?  Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in learning tools that promote awareness, personal growth and effective communication, helping in facilitating groups, making decisions, creating collectively, and in supporting conflict resolution.

To formal or informal groups of any kind (associations, cooperatives, companies, committees, condominiums …), to those who work with groups (trainers, teachers, educators, psychologists, mediators, activists, social workers, coaches …) and university students.


? What did we pack?

Facilitation: practical tools

March 17-18


Oasis Game: how to materialize a collective dream

April 21-22


Know the conflict: experiment with the theater of the oppressed

May 19-20


Manage diversity and conflict with the Process Work

June 16-17


Go Deep Game: notes from the line vision

June 30-July 1


Sociocracy elements

September 15-16


The clown in facilitation

October 6-7


Transforming conflicts: the equivalence method

October 20-21


Create links of Empathy with Nonviolent Communication

November 24-25


Talking through images. Graphic and visual communication

1-2 December


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⏳ How long does a workshop last?

The workshops will take place on Saturday (from 9 to 13 and from 14 to 18) and Sunday (from 9 to 13)

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? Where?

At Xena – Intercultural exchange and dynamics center, in Via Citolo da Perugia 35, 35138 Padova (unless otherwise indicated).

* The workshop of 17/18 March will take place in via Brigata Padova 9 *

For information on:

– detailed programs of the individual meetings
– trainers
– participation fee
– logistics


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