Urgent: Sve at Arterra Bizimodu 12-month EVs departing in January 2018 at GEN Spain seeking 1 volunteer for 12-month project at the Arterra Bizimodu’s villa. The activities include: collaboration in events and daily activities from the environment in environmental sustainability, support to the design team of the European network of eco-villages GEN Europe.   EVs in Belfast 12 months sve departing on March 1, 2018 at volunteer Now, Northern Ireland seeking 1 volunteer for 12-month project in Belfast for the promotion of volunteering. Activities include: support for events and activities promoted by the association, support for communication and other activities also based on the interests of the volunteer.   Sve at KLIMONTòW of 9 months sve departing on March 1, 2018 at CampoSfera Foundation, Poland seeking 1 volunteer for 9 months project in the villa in Klimontów. Activities include: Management and organization of events and school workshops for the promotion of eco-sustainability, support for the activities of the environment in permaculture and in the management of international events.   EVs in Budapest of 12 months Sve departing on March 15, 2018 at Szyator, Hungary seeking 1 volunteer for 12 months project in Budapest for the promotion of environmental sustainability. Activities include: support to events and trainings for the protection of the environment, recycling and reuse, cultural activities and workshops for young locals.   EVS at TATABANYA of 12 months sve departing on 20 March 2018 at Vértes Agoraja, Hungary seeking 1 volunteer per EVS project of 12 months in TATABANYA in the cultural field. Activities include: management of events such as concerts and exhibitions, training, education and promotion of volunteering, communication and promotion of the activities of the Association, organization of sporting and tourist events.   EVs in Belfast 12 months sve departing on April 1, 2018 at FabLab, Northern Ireland seeking 1 volunteer for 12-month project in Belfast at a digital creation laboratory. The activities include: promotion of FabLab, and projects, ideas and design, assistance to staff in the preparation and management of laboratories, use of 3d printers and other digital instruments, support to users.   For more information and applications please contact:

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