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The project “Play Together, create social cohesion through, art culture and play” wants to contribute to improve the cohesion and inclusion between people and different groups that for different reasons are in weak conditions or at risk of exclusion Social work but at the same time on a strengthening of social ties and a greater cultural inclusion of the whole community of reference. The project does not have as a single reference a district or a limited area the actions will be realized in different places but still play the majority of activities in the District Abdullah of Padua in which Xena as a coordinator has already made several Projects and many of the partners have the headquarters and operate. This will allow to enhance both the networks and the daily work of the associations that operate in this area and the previous work experience in the redevelopment of the district had in the projects ContArcella and photos Social from Xena and some of Partners (corners of the world, out of Target, Limerick,). Just as follow up of the ContArcella project, thanks to the positive results that the same is having and to the networks that have been created also to the of the original partnership of the project that it was decided to present Play Together. The ContArcella project has in fact worked on the valorization of the beauties, riches and talents of the district, during this activity thanks also to the mapping of the needs made in the phase of monitoring and evaluation of the activities we realized still to More than how creativity and participation in cultural activities and production can create social cohesion and how this is a need for the different people who live in the neighborhood and regardless of their social and economic situation. For this reason with this project we intend to unite, through different cultural and artistic fields and with the game as a common element of the activities, the different subjects that for the current socio-cultural situation are part of groups in situation of greater Fragility or at risk of social exclusion such as young people, children, older people, migrants, second generation Italians, ethnic minorities etc. We think that the game and the possibility of creative expression are universal keys that allow everyone to be able to participate regardless of their current situation or their background and through this we can also overcome the difficulties and To mitigate the disparities that are always contributing to creating a more cohesive community. About the project: Https:// project supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Padova and Rovigo Foundation within the framework of the culturally 2016 ban

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