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In the CEDEFOP glossary we find Employability defined as: “Combination of factors which enable individuals to progress towards or get into employment, to stay in employment and to progress during their careers.” The definition is followed by the comment “employability of individuals depends on:

1. personal attributes (including adequacy of knowledge and skills);

2. how these personal attributes are presented on the labour market;

3. environmental and social context (incentives and opportunities offered to update and validate their knowledge and skills); and

4. the economic context”.

In 2016 a group of trainers, youth workers, community workers, career counsellors and project managers from 6 different organisations in Portugal, Belgium and Italy joined to launch “Employability Tools” and create friendly useful tools to develop young people’s employability competences.

The transnational project E.T. has been financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus + Key Action 2, to create 4 tools aimed at different targets, some are made for tech-lovers, others for the ones who love the smell of paper; some are meant to be used in a group, others are for you and you only:

– an App, a Board game, a “Tips & Hints” Agenda, aimed at people who want to develop their employability

– a Manual, handbook for youth workers who need to deal with employability issues.

All tools – that have been named “EMPLAY” – aim to support reflection, awareness development and self-improvement on various dimensions of employability.

Main target groups:

Youth workers (animators, educators, social workers, any profession working directly with youngsters) active in the field of employability, including civil servants, educators, social workers.

–  Youngsters/Young adults


Find more at where you can download the outputs in 4 languages for free.

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