What is the EVS?

The European Voluntary Service is an initiative funded by the European Commission, addressed to all young people aged between 18 and 30. The goal is to provide an opportunity to learn more about another country, culture and language through the participation in a useful volunteering project for the community. The young European volunteers express a concrete act of solidarity and expand their personal experience.

It is a program open to people coming from every social background and level of education. The period of the project can vary from 2 to 12 months.

Can I participate?

The requirements for participation are:

  • age (between 18 and 30 years);

  • citizenship in one of the eligible countries.

No specific competence or knowledge of foreign languages ​​is required.

This doesn’t mean that everyone is suitable for each project:

  • the hosting organization may require volunteers with certain characteristics necessary to carry out the specific tasks;

  • the sending organization assesses the candidate motivation and reliability to participate.

What does it offer?
  • Orientation to identify the most suitable project
  • Coverage of travel costs on a kilometric ceiling
  • On arrival training
  • Room and board
  • Monthly pocket money for personal expenses
  • CIGNA health insurance
  • OLS online language course
  • European Youthpass certificate
In which areas can I volunteer?

The areas in which to perform your service are many: from the social to the artistic, from the cultural to the sustainability.

Visit the European database and check all the available opportunities: EVS Database

Can I have other information?

You can participate to the monthly Infoday organized by Xena.

You can view the dates on Facebook, or maybe you can subscribe to our newsletter from the Homepage of Xena.

Ok! How can I apply?

Have you identified an Evs project that you would like to partecipate in?

Contact us at the mail address volontari.xena@gmail.com and attach your CV and a motivational letter, telling why you are the right person!

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