A money-free market in Xena. A monthly appointment to encourage reuse and solidarity.
We invite you to our Free market, an opportunity to choose an alternative to the purchasing market.
What is it? The free markets are inspired by the gift economy and the charity shop very popular in northern Europe. Anyone in free and free form can take what they need or simply like, with the limit of not exceeding 10 pieces. It is not necessary to donate one object to take another one because the main objective is the redistribution, the reuse of the objects.

In Xena’s free market, you can rummage through books, clothes, curiosities and treasures waiting to be found!

How does that work? Those who wish to donate items to the free market can do so, always during the monthly appointment, for a maximum of 5 pieces donated per person.

We are waiting for you! -Those who wish to support the activities of the Xena Association can become a member and membership during the event. For more info volontari.xena@gmail.com

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